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WARNING: Exposure to this site may result in extreme turfgrass loss in susceptible individuals.

Those with modest urban lots may wish to exercise caution. Additional side effects may include garden budget distension and high petal counts.

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Welcome to Dahlia Addict 2017

The wonderful generousity of dahlias means that I could multiply the plants I grow without ever placing another order. This year, I have decided to do just that, maybe even cut back a little. Wait. Did I say 'this year'? Silly me. I meant 'next year'.

There are over 3,000 varieties listed for sale by 50+ venders. What a fun Winter project, and a dahlia database is FUN.

Why Can't I find Raspberry Twinkle, Puff-N-Stuff or Aztec Gold?

Because they're under Caproz Raz'bry Twinkle, EV Puff-N-Stuff and Wyn's Aztec Gold.

TIP: If you can't locate a variety that really ought to be there, try Googling to see if it has a more formal name. The reverse may be true when you go to a supplier's site.