Delightful Dahlias

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Number varieties offered: 304 40 of these varieties (13%) are unique to this seller

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Average rating: 5.00 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)
Mao in Jul 2018
Gerald Hinds in Jan 2018
This supplier is really great to work with and quality is superb. I have purchased from her for years and never been disappointed about anything She will go out of her way to please.
deborah duplisea in Dec 2017
excellent service and information. tubers come wrapped with a picture of the variety on the packageing. quick to answer any e-mail inquiries
Melissa in Nov 2017
Ordered a couple of tubers on a whim from Delightful Dahlias late last Winter. Tubers were healthy and happy. The bonus they added (Tara Brian)...was something I'll seek out to purchase from these girls for years to come. :)

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