Swan Island Dahlias

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Jane in May 2018
Top quality tubers that always grow and never rot. I've grown more than 150 dahlias for 35+ years and never used chemical controls since dahlias are so disease- and pest-free. I'm surprised to read another review that mentions they use chemical controls- shame on them if they do since it is so unnecessary. I wonder what Swan River says about their chemical use.
Sean O'Bryan in Feb 2018
Dependable but stopped ordering from them due to their farming practices - very industrial and definitely not organic - Bayer (Monsanto) pesticides and herbicides sold on their website (!!) I prefer to support the small growers who are environmentally friendly.
NM in Nov 2017
I count on Swan Island for good sturdy cut flower varieties that reproduce well. I still occasionally get a virused one but they are much improved over the past few years.
Ed in Nov 2017
Great for non-show gardeners or cut flower growers. Not great for show or avoiding virus. I hear they are working on culling more of their stock. That is good. They have best customer service because of size of biz.
J.D. in Nov 2017
Swan Island is probably the largest grower by an order of magnitude. They have full-time, professional customer service that makes it easy to add to or change an order, and plenty of stock. Some of their originations are in my top 5 dahlias ever. Tubers are lovely and rarely a dud. Not all of the stock I have gotten from them is healthy, however. I expect to pull a couple each year for stunted growth or marked leaves.
Melissa in Nov 2017
I've ordered from Swan Island for 3 years, and I've only had one tuber that didn't grow. They sent a replacement the following year after I sent a pic of non-sprouter. Most of their tubers overwinter well, which is a definite plus. #consistent

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