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Brian Killingsworth in Mar 2018
A pleasure to deal with. The tubers came well insulated, on time and in excellent shape. I will buy from them again.
John Kooiman in Dec 2017
I've had the pleasure of working with and helping Kyle Cassidy the owner of Creekside Dahlias for many years.This has been with his personal business and in our local Dahlia Society of which I'm Show Chair. This last year Kyle had 10 Court of Honors at our State Fair Show, 23 Court of Honors at our Late Show, and 15-16 Court of Honors at the National Show in Chicago. He does a great job of growing dahlias with each and every one of his plants. I can recommend him as a great source for Dahlias.
Blown Dry in Nov 2017
Tubers I got from Creekside last year performed beautifully. Great selection!
Dahlia Del in Nov 2017
Unbelievable place, this one. Incredible variety, beautiful blooms, and meticulously maintained. This is a great place to purchase tubers, or if you are in the area to just stop in (by appointment) to purchase stems/blooms and learn by example how dahlias should be grown. Kyle is good people to boot. Check it out!
Colleen Malecek in Nov 2017
I have orded from Creekside Dahlia the past two years and have had amazing results! I am planning a dahlia garden next year and looking forward to working with Creekside Dahlias. Thier customer service and knowledge of this product goes above and beyond! If your looking for the biggest, brightest, most spectacular Dahlia, Creekside Dahlia is Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Claudia lee in Nov 2017
I filled my home with Kyle’s flowers !! EVERYONE that’ saw them commented on how beautiful and original they were!! These would be great for a wedding or any event .. show stoppers for sure !!
carrie brandt in Nov 2017
Kyle..the grower and his family take great pride in growing the perfect dahlia for you! They work hard at growing awesome Dahlia's! I have had a few varieties over the past few years and loved them! The color and life they brought to our garden was wonderful! Loved looking at them, watching them grow and bringing them in my house to enjoy!
Mary Fitzgerald in Nov 2017
I went to the American Dahlia Society National Show in Chicago in September and was drawn over and over to the Creekside Dahlias flowers on display. I got a chance to talk to the proprietor and was incredibly impressed with his passion and knowledge and the care that goes into maintaining their gardens and preservation and care of their tubers for sale. I can’t wait to order and get a chance to grow some of his recommendations for our garden.
Stacy in Nov 2017
Love the flowers from Creekside Dahlias. Wonderful variety of absolutely beautiful dahlias.
Cathy Sieberg in Nov 2017
Awesome Dahlias, Awesome Folks, turned a brown thumb into a green one—VERY HELPFUL , when you are a newbie, held my hand until, I was confident and successful THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE JOY
AmyJo Rothbauer in Nov 2017
The Dahlias from this grower are magnificent! They are so stunning and gorgeous. I used them for centerpieces at an outside event and the guests thought they were amazing and so beautiful. The grower took his time to deliver them and I would use this company over and over again! You will not be disappointed, you will be so thrilled!!
Lisa in Nov 2017
Kyle produces quality flowers and tubers. He has many show awards from the MN State Fair, American Dahlia Society National show in Chicago and Bachman's show. He has an incredible garden of beautiful flowers!!

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